The mission of the SBIR STTR Transition Program (STP) is to provide commercialization, transition, and professional business assistance through a structured program so that the participating Small Businesses are in the best position to obtain Phase III funding.


Welcome to the Department of the Navy’s SBIR/STTR Transition Program (STP). Now in its 18th year, the STP has been a long-standing venue for connecting SBIR/STTR-funded technologies with warfighters, government acquisition and technical personnel, prime contractor, system integrators, and other potential partners/collaborators. The program takes a holistic approach to assisting selected small businesses transition their technology(s) through business mentoring, training, marketing material creation, and business development activities and promotion.

Participation in this proven program has benefited companies in many ways; most importantly, the STP will helps Small Businesses identify and plan a path to obtain Phase III funding for commercialization of their SBIR/STTR developed technology(s).

The STP will help prepare selected Small Businesses to transition their DoN funded technology by providing the following services:

  • Assisting in the development of targeted marketing materials
  • Providing relevant market research appropriate to the Small Business’s technology and transition targets
  • Identifying leads for potential transition opportunities
  • Mentoring on the government/prime contractor relationships
  • Instructing on the government acquisition environment and policies
  • Promoting Small Businesses and their SBIR/STTR technology(s) on the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM)—an on-line, searchable showcase accessible to Government and private sector
  • Assisting you on exhibiting at the annual Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (FST)


Each company participating in the STP is assigned a Business Consultant (BC) and Market Researcher (MR) Team. The assistance provided by your BC/MR Team will include the development of a commercialization strategy, strategic planning guidance, an individualized Market Analysis Research Report, and targeted marketing materials. All of this support culminates in your participation in the DoN Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (FST) where you will display and brief your company’s SBIR/STTR developed technology to Government acquisition decision-makers, Warfighters, prime contractors, and private industry representatives.


Entering and navigating the Department of Navy environment is a daunting task for any Small Business. Throughout the course of the program, Small Businesses will be invited to participate in a series of training and business development webinars. Webinar technology will be used to train and share information on how the DoN will work with small businesses to transition their technology. Business development webinars will be used to put small businesses in contact with government acquisition decision-makers and industry partners.


Throughout the STP the Small Business, working with their Business Consultant (BC), will address, develop, and refine their business plan, transition plan, and supporting marketing products. Some of the products are:


    The Quad Chart is a one-page descriptive marketing sheet (specifically formatted for government presentation and visibility) that provides: a succinct overview of the technology; Department of Navy (DoN) need and transition objectives; a list of major development and transition milestones; technology benefits; Technical Readiness Level assessment; SBC primary contact information; applicable image/graphic portrayal of the technology; and a description of the SBC’s business model.


    The Market Research Analysis Report provides practical and strategic program, industry, and market information to help participating small businesses gain a better understanding of their relevant defense and industry markets. Points of Contact are included within this document for the purpose of networking, discussing potential partnerships, and addressing other business information needs.


    This summary document focuses on affirming the DoN’s needs and provides an overview of the current technology and a description of the technology solution being provided by the Small Business. This document will evolve from elements of the Strategic Planning activity, the Quad Chart, and applicable information from the Market Research Analysis Report. The work completed in this exercise will directly translate to the Phase III Transition Plan or Technology Transfer Plan/Agreement (TTP/TTA) developed at the end of the program.


    The corporate capability brochure can serve as a marketing tool for the SBC to illustrate the overall company’s capabilities and highlights core competencies, technologies, and company values.


    A 15 minute PowerPoint presentation used by the company at the Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (FST) to describe the current technology status, the planned development activities, and the technological approach and business capability for providing a high value solution to meet the needs of the government and industry.


    The Small Business, in discussion with their TPOC, Business Consultant, and Program Office (as applicable), will develop and/or refine their Transition Plan. This serves as a guide to further transition the technology into the Fleet.


All STP participating Small Businesses are showcased in the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). The VTM is government sponsored, online, keyword searchable index depicting all of the companies (and their technologies) and is used to market the company and its SBIR-developed technology. The companies’ thumbnail, abstract, quad chart, and corporate marketing material will be displayed via individual company web pages. The VTM is publicly accessible and will be the primary tool for marketing the company and its technology at the FST.


At the end of each STP cycle the participating Small Businesses present and exhibit their SBIR/STTR developed Technology(s) at the Forum. Exhibit space and presentation facilities are provided at no cost to the Small Business. Pre-event promotional activities are conducted to drive exhibit hall traffic and presentation attendance. The Forum is co-located with the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition—bringing together the Navy’s premier small business technology showcase with the largest maritime exposition in the world.