Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the STP? Review the frequently asked questions or reach out to us directly.

STP is the Department of the Navy (DoN) Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Transition Program. STP’s goal is to provide transition assistance for small businesses with DoN Phase II SBIR/STTR technologies.

STP’s mission is to offer a structured program providing commercialization, transition, and professional business assistance so that the participating small businesses are in the best position to obtain Phase III funding. The structured program consists of the development of marketing materials, during which small businesses receive business consulting services and market research relevant to their technology and target market.

STP is for all small business with an active Navy Phase II SBIR/STTR effort who want to transition their technology to a program of record or a commercial market.

A Small Business Concern (SBC) will be exposed to an experienced team of SBIR/STTR professionals providing business and marketing consulting to better position the SBC to achieve technology transition. The team has over 100+ years of combined experience at business/technology development in the Department of Defense (DoD) space.

STP provides a structured program, including development of marketing materials, a targeted market research report, business mentoring from experienced consultants, and instruction on relevant government and commercialization topics.

STP is the DoN answer to the federal mandate to provide transition assistance to the Navy’s Phase II SBIR/STTR awardees. STP spends significant resources in connecting new technologies to DoD program of record transition opportunities

STP and FST has been linked for 15+ years. American Technology Solutions International Corp. (ATSI) executes both the STP and the DoN Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (Navy FST). The FST, a structured marketing event, is part of STP where the SBC clients present tech talks and meet with government and industry stakeholders to market their technologies.

To qualify for STP, a small business needs an active SBIR or STTR Phase II effort and meet the criteria set by Navy ONR SBIR & STTR program office for that STP cycle. Qualification notification occurs in the early spring of the year, and you are notified of eligibility by email.

If you are eligible for STP participation, the DoN will invite you to its Phase II Kickoff event, held annually, usually in May.

The STP program is comprised Navy Phase II SBIR/STTR small businesses with a wide range of innovative technologies seeking to improve their abilities to achieve a transition to a program of record or commercialization opportunity. STP participating SBCs’ demographics range from 1 to 500 employees, 1 to 50+ SBIR/STTR Phase IIs, and 0 to 50+ successful technology transitions.

The STP program is a 12-month cycle from June to June.

Yes, your Business Consultant (BC) is your primary contact throughout the STP program.

Yes. It is not uncommon for a business to have multiple SBIR/STTR efforts at one time. During the Kickoff process, you may discuss the range of projects with your BC to determine whether all the projects should be in the same STP cycle. You and your BC can consider workload demands for both: the STP program and the project itself; and your available resources to make this determination.

To qualify, each project must have a unique DoN Phase II contract ID and you must have been invited to the Kickoff event to participate with that project.

You will be notified by email of your project eligibility, with instructions of what you need to do to attend the STP Kickoff meeting. At the Kickoff meeting, you will learn more about STP and what is offered. At the Kickoff meeting, you will be provided the required information / actions to enroll in STP.

A Business Consultant (BC) will be assigned to shepherd you through the STP process. The BC will be available during business hours for you to discuss your concerns or questions about the program, STP products being developed, and business consulting services.

STP active, engaged participation is key. What does that look like?
• Communicating regularly with the BC
• Asking questions
• Discussing ideas about your SBIR/STTR effort and the transition path forward
• Maintaining awareness of and adherence to the schedule
• Attending relevant webinars
• Following BC recommendations proactively
• Dedicating time and effort to networking

No. The STP Program is a Navy ONR program for DoN selected Phase II SBIR / STTP awardee who meet certain set of criteria.

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