Virtual Event

March 17-18, 2021


The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the Navy’s SBIR/STTR Transition Program (Navy STP) are presenting the Navy Forum for SBIR/STTR Focused Technology Event at NAVAIR. We invite you to attend this virtual event planned for 17-18 March.

Navy FST focused technology events promote companies participating in the Navy STP, connecting these small businesses with government and industry personnel through on-demand Tech Talks presentations and Meet the Experts one-on-one meetings via web-chat. Additionally, these companies have an enhanced online presence though the Navy STP and FST Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). The VTM provides additional information on Navy technology topics for small businesses participating in the program.

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March 17, 2021



Time Activity
0900-0910  Administrative Remarks: Steven Sullivan, Navy STP and ONR STTR Program Manager
0910-0920  Welcome: Donna Attick, NAVAIR SBIR/STTR Program Manager
0920-0930  Opening Remarks: Robert Smith, DoN SBIR/STTR Director
0930-0940  Day 1 Guest Speaker: Jimmy Smith, Director, Office of Small Business Programs Department of the Navy
0940-1000  Keynote Speaker: RDML Scott Dillon, Commander, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Chief     Technology Officer Naval Air Systems Command
1000-1500  Tech Talks and PEO Overviews (Available On-Demand)


March 18, 2021


Time Activity
0900-0905  Administrative Remarks: Steven Sullivan, Navy STP and ONR STTR Program Manager
0905-0915  Day 2 Guest Speaker: Shelby Butler, Director, NAVAIR Office of Small Business Programs          
0915-1045  NAVAIR SBIR Technology Transition Panel:

  • Moderator: Donna Attick, NAVAIR SBIR/STTR Program Manager
  • Panelist: Todd Parcell, Chief Technology Office
  • Panelist: Janet McGovern, APEO (CS) for S&T
  • Panelist: Larry Branthoover, APEO (T) for S&T
  • Panelist: Mark Husni, PMA/S&T Domain Lead
1045-1500  Tech Talks and PEO Overviews (Available On-Demand)


Our Technologies

This event focuses on Navy STP SBIR/STTR technologies advancing all things aviation, including: Advanced Electronics, Air Platforms, C4I, Energy & Power Technology, Ground and Sea Platforms, Human Systems, and Sensors.


Organization/Presentation Title
VTM Link
Topic #
Tech Talk Schedule

Advanced Electronics

ARiA VTM N182-119 On Demand
Esail Cloud
Bascom Hunter Technologies VTM N18A-T001 On Demand
Flexible Efficient Cooling System
BNNT, LLC VTM N181-078 On Demand
Remove performance-limiting heat rapidly from deep within dense, powerful electronics, even in extreme temperature environments
Freedom Photonics LLC VTM N171-031 On Demand
1-Micron Fiber Optic Receiver for Mil-Aero Environment
Freedom Photonics LLC VTM N182-101 On Demand
Multicore Fiber Optic Packaged Photonic Integrated Circuits for Wideband RF over Fiber
Guide Star Engineering, LLC VTM N182-097 On Demand
Technology for Future Sonobuoys
TransWave Photonics, LLC VTM N182-109 On Demand
Monolithic Beam Steering for Infrared Countermeasures

Air Platforms

(ES3) Engineering & Software System Solution, Inc. VTM AF093-203 On Demand
Improved Landing Gear Grinding/Finishing Methods on Hard Wear Resistant Surfaces
ATA Engineering, Inc VTM N181-010 On Demand
Rotorcraft Integrated Electro-Optic/Infrared (EO/IR) Plumes and Effects Signature Modeling
Barron Associates, Inc. VTM N17B-T034 On Demand
Minimum-Risk Planning and On-Board Replanning for UAS Operations (AutoPRep)
CFD Research Corporation VTM N182-110 On Demand
Computational Analysis of Missile Flight Through Rain
Creare LLC VTM N18A-T023 On Demand
Engine Particle Ingestion Classifier for Gas Turbine Engines
DAngelo Technologies, LLC VTM N172-100 On Demand
Single Surface High Altitude Low Opening Parachute
Hal Technology, LLC VTM N18A-T023 On Demand
Operational Sand and Particulate Sensor System for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
Hill Engineering, LLC VTM N162-085 On Demand
ERS-Toolbox® for design and optimization of residual stress surface treatments
Innoveering, LLC VTM N162-105 On Demand
Real-time Engine Ingestion Data: Safer Engine Operation & Smarter Maintenance Cycles
Intelligent Automation, Inc. VTM N172-120 On Demand
JNI Armor VTM  N181-001 On Demand
Extended Life Transparent Armor
Kennon Products, Inc VTM N121-009 On Demand
Lightweight Emergency Inflatables
Luna Innovations Incorporated VTM N182-114 On Demand
Wearable Aircrew Hydration Tracking and Extended Recording: WAHTERTM
Lynntech, Inc. VTM N181-021 On Demand
Innovative Ultra Violet and Ozone Resistant Material for Hydraulic Clamp Cushions
Metis Design Corporation VTM N18B-T031 On Demand
Carbon Nanotube (CNT) based Out-of-Oven Curing
NanoCoatings, Inc. VTM N162-092 On Demand
All Solid-State Battery (ASSB)
Near Earth Autonomy VTM N152-084 On Demand
Robust Relative Navigation and Control for Autonomous Ship-Based Landing of Resupply Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft
Precision Combustion, Inc. VTM N181-013 On Demand
Compact, Lightweight, Power-Dense Integrated Fuel Cell System
Skyward, Ltd. VTM N172-120 On Demand
Mitigation of Helmet Vibration
Surface Optics Corporation VTM N182-105 On Demand
Optical Coating Process for Complex Shaped Surfaces
Systems Technology, Inc. VTM N181-017 On Demand
Real-time Turbulence Recognition and Reporting for Unmanned Systems
TDA Research, Inc. VTM N182-121 On Demand
Development of Improved Lightweight Fuel Tank Explosion Suppressant
Technical Data Analysis, Inc. VTM N161-010 On Demand
Novel Method to Utilize Multi-scale Physics based Technique for Crack Path Determination in Fiber-reinforced Composites
Technology Service Corporation VTM N172-118 On Demand
Laser Target Board
Third Wave Systems, Inc. VTM N181-028 On Demand
Precision Machining of Composite Structures


Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated VTM N18A-T002 On Demand
Active SONAR Statistical Estimation Tool (ASSET)
Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI) VTM N17B-T035 On Demand
Mission Success Assessment and Mitigation Recommendations Using a Cognitive System

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

ARiA VTM N181-082 On Demand
Multi-Dimensional Ambient Noise Model
Karagozian and Case, Inc. VTM N181-008 On Demand)
Maritime Lethality Analysis Toolset
MRV Systems, LLC VTM N181-012 On Demand
Low Cost Persistent Environmental Measurement System
Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. VTM N181-023 On Demand
The Multi-Spectral and Polarization Sensor Penetrates Sea Spray at Range to Reveal Fast Inshore Attack Craft
Performance Improvements to the DIFAR Sonobuoy

Energy & Power Technologies

Physical Sciences Inc. VTM N172-113 On Demand
On Demand High Energy and Power Primary Battery

Ground and Sea Platforms

Boston Engineering Corporation VTM N181-012 On Demand
Low-Cost Persistent Environmental Measurement System
Breault Research Organization VTM N102-132 On Demand
Heat Resistant Visual Landing Aid

Human Systems

Prevailance, Inc. VTM N18A-T003 On Demand
Repurposing Computational Analyses of Tactics for Training Assessments
Propel LLC VTM N182-124 On Demand
Seamless Knitting for Military Protective Clothing


Aqwest VTM N121-059 On Demand
Next Generation Navy Blue Laser