NAVAIR & NAVSEA Innovative Technologies Showcase

Washington, DC

March 14-16, 2023


The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), in collaboration with the Navy SBIR Transition Program (Navy STP), are presenting the NAVAIR & NAVSEA Innovative Technologies Showcase on 14-16 March 2023 at the VTG Conference Center, located at 1100 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington, DC.

Navy STP Innovative Technology Showcases are designed to engage the fleet, primes, and acquisition stakeholders by promoting mature technologies that are ready for transition from companies participating in the Navy STP through on-demand Tech Talks, and an enhanced online presence on the Navy STP (Navy STP VTM). The Navy STP VTM is the Navy’s premier catalogue that provides additional information on Navy technology topics for small businesses participating in the program.

NAVAIR provides material support for aircraft and airborne weapon systems for the United States Navy while NAVSEA’s primary objective is to engineer, build, buy, and maintain the U.S. Navy’s fleet of ships and its combat systems.

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14 March

0920 – 0930 Opening Remarks Mr. Robert Smith, DoN SBIR/STTR Director
1030 – 1045 Guest Speaker Mr. Jimmy Smith, Director, Navy Office of Small Business Programs
1045 – 1100 Keynote Speaker Mr. Tom Rudowsky, NAVAIR Deputy Commander

15 March

0920 – 0930 Opening Remarks Mr. Robert Smith, DoN SBIR/STTR Director
1030 – 1045 Guest Speaker Mr. Shelby Butler, NAVAIR Small Business Director
1045 – 1100 Keynote Speaker Ms. Giao Phan, Executive Director, NAVSEA

16 March

0920 – 0930 Opening Remarks Mr. Robert Smith, DoN SBIR/STTR Director
1030 – 1045 Guest Speaker Mr. Timothy Barnard, Deputy CTO, NAVSEA
1045 – 1100 Keynote Speaker Dr. Douglas Blake, Executive Director, ONR

Our Technologies

Over three days, the Innovative Technologies Showcase will focus on Navy STP cohort members with innovative technologies supporting Advanced Electronics, Air Platforms, Autonomy, Biomedical, C4I, Cyber, Electronic Warfare (EW), Energy & Power Technologies, Engineered Resilient Systems, Ground and Sea Platforms, Human Systems , Materials & Manufacturing Processes, Modeling and Simulation, Technology, Sensors, Sustainment, and Weapons Technologies.

Day 1

Firm Topic Title Tech Talk

Advanced Electronics

Envistacom, LLC A16-032 Innovative X-Band Antenna Architecture for BFT 3 On Demand
Systems Visions LLC N20A-T021 Hybrid Packaging of Cryogenic Electronics and Photonic Technologies On Demand


ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC N192-062 Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flight Without Supervisory Control On Demand
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated N192-117 Acoustic Counter-Detection Risk Management (ACDRM) Evolutionary Machine Learning (EML) On Demand
Soar Technology, Inc. N193-141 Resilient Autonomous Subsystems for Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) On Demand
Weather Gage Technologies, LLC N193-141 Resilient Autonomous Subsystems for Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) On Demand

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

Colorado Engineering Inc. N201-032 High-Efficiency Wideband Linear Power Amplifier N/A
Innovative Defense Technologies N191-019 High Performance Computing (HPC) for AEGIS Combat Systems Test Bed (CSTB) TBA
Innovative Defense Technologies N181-031 AEGIS Combat System Optimization through Advanced Modeling of Software-Only Changes TBA
Pareto Frontier, LLC N201-018 Dynamic Digital Spatial Nulling Algorithms for Tactical Data Links On Demand


Amida Technology Solutions, Inc. N171-054 Cyber Threat Insertion and Evaluation Technology for Navy Ship Control Systems On Demand

Electronic Warfare

Continuum Dynamics, Inc. N93-282 Sensors for Icing Avoidance, Detection and Accretion Measurement On Demand
Dymenso LLC N20A-T013 Precision Alignment Techniques for Affordable Manufacture of Millimeter Wave Vacuum Devices On Demand
Pendar Technologies, LLC N192-053 Quantum Cascade Lasers Manufacturing 10X Cost Reduction On Demand
TIPD, L.L.C. N19A-T009 3-Band PicoSecond High Energy Compact (SWaP) Laser System for Marine Wave Boundary Layer Atmospheric Characterization Instrument Development On Demand
Transient Plasma Systems N201-074 High Power Microwave (HPM) Waveform-enhancing Sub-nanosecond Semiconductor Pulse Sharpener On Demand
Vadum N193-143 Defeating Cognitive Sensors On Demand

Energy and Power Technologies

Continuous Solutions LLC N16A-T012 Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Grounding System On Demand
VISHWA ROBOTICS N192-133 Advanced Non-Electrochemical Energy Storage On Demand


Day 2

Weapons Technologies

Firm Topic Title Tech Talk

Air Platforms

American Maglev Technology of Florida, Inc. N201-023 Alternate Sled Track Braking Mechanism On Demand
BluEyeQ LLC N202-105 Digital Twin Technologies to Improve Mission Readiness and Sustainment On Demand
DE Technologies Inc. N19B-T031 Innovations in Production of Rotorcraft Airframe Components using Advanced 3D Braiding On Demand
TDA Research, Inc. N181-019 Innovative Material (and Application Method) for a Hydrophobic/Oleophobic Coating to an Aluminum-Bodied Heat Exchanger On Demand

Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS)

Karagozian and Case, Inc. N201-053 Development of New Generation Earth Covered Magazine (ECM) Structure Design using Composite Materials On Demand
Simmetrix, Inc. N20A-T004 Hexahedral Dominant Auto-Mesh Generator On Demand

Ground and Sea Platforms

Force Engineering, Inc. N193-138 Lightweight Run-flat Tire/Wheel Assemblies for Marine Corps Wheeled Vehicles TBA
LBI, INC. NX19-002 On Demand Structures Submarine Launch of UUVs On Demand
Physical Sciences Inc. NX19-003 Flow Conditioning for Improved Piping Arrangement On Demand
Reaction Systems, Inc. N202-132 Novel Methods to Mitigate Heat Exchanger Fouling TBA
Technology in Practice NX19-003 Flow Conditioning for Improved Piping Arrangement On Demand
United States Military Advanced Technologies N202-130 Cold-water Diving Wetsuit On Demand

Human Systems

Soar Technology, Inc. N172-117 Mishap Awareness Scenarios and Training for Operational Readiness Responses On Demand
Systems Technology, Inc. N192-071 Innovative Methods for Correlating Physiological Measures of Pilot Workload to Handling Qualities On Demand


Dual Sense Systems N202-119 Cross Deck Pendant Health Monitoring On Demand
Energy to Power Solutions N192-122 Spatially Integrating Magnetometer On Demand
IMSAR LLC N201-070 Sensors and Autonomy for Unmanned Maritime Missions On Demand
Luna Innovations Incorporated N192-076 Fiber Optic Pressure Sensing for Military Aircraft (MIL-Aero) Environments On Demand
NanoSonic, Inc. N192-120 Small-Scale Velocity Turbulence Sensors for Undersea Platforms TBA
McCormick Stevenson Corp. N192-074 Flow Forming Bomb Bodies On Demand
NP Photonics, Inc. N201-044 2 micron Wavelength Kilowatt Class High Energy Laser/Amplifier TBA
Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc. N191-003 Optically-Aided, Non-Global Positioning System (GPS) for Aircraft Navigation Over Water On Demand

Day 3

Firm Topic Title Tech Talk

Biomedical (ASBREM)

Paxauris LLC N201-005 Wireless In-Ear Sensors for Warfighter Monitoring On Demand
TDA Research, Inc. N142-087 Expeditionary Portable Oxygen Generation System TBA
TDA Research, Inc. NX19-005 Cool Suits On Demand

Materials & Manufacturing Processes

American Technical Coatings, Inc N191-026 Antennas and Antenna Radomes with Extreme Thermal Shock Resistance for Missile Applications TBA
Applied Optimization, Inc. N162-083 Rapid, Low Cost, High-quality Component Qualification Using Multi-scale, Multi-physics Analytical Toolset for the Optimization of Metal Additive Manufacturing Process Parameters On Demand
Composite Energy Technologies Inc N204-A03 Deployable Systems Manufacturability On Demand
Microsphere Material Solutions, LLC N181-058 Next Generation Buoyancy Material TBA
MRL Materials Resources LLC N192-072 Nondestructive Characterization of Microstructure and Grain Orientation on Large, Complex Parts On Demand
QuesTek Innovations LLC N16A-T007 Optimized High Performance Stainless Steel Powder for Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing   (AM) On Demand
SenSigma LLC N18A-T005 Innovative Processing Techniques for Additive Manufacture of 7000 Series Aluminum Alloy Components On Demand
TDA Research, Inc. N181-071 Eliminating Adverse Impact of Copper Contamination in Jet Propellant 5 (JP-5) Fuel TBA
TDA Research, Inc. N192-057 Advanced Alternative Gun Lubricant On Demand
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. N111-042 Improved Accelerated Life Testing TBA

Modeling & Simulation Technology

A-P-T Research, Inc. N201-045 Development of a Debris Prediction Method for Hardened Structures TBA
ARiA N191-016 Clustering and Association for Active Sonar Tracking and Classification On Demand
Arorae Corporation N193-A03-5 NAVY TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATION – 5. Shared, sensed, distributed undersea and atmospheric simulation   environment for use in maritime LVC training at sea – Advanced Technologies   (including AR/VR) for Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education TBA
G2 Ops, Inc. N191-030 Risk Reduction and Resiliency Modeling Software for Industrial Control Systems On Demand
TIPD, L.L.C. N19A-T008 Optical Emulator of Complex Electromagnetic Maneuverability (EM) Systems with Nanophotonics On Demand


CHI Systems, Inc. N201-X02 ADAPT – Naval Depot Modernization and Sustainment On Demand
Metis Design Corporation N111-067 Underwater Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Navy Propellers On Demand
TurnAround Factor N201-X02 ADAPT – Naval Depot Modernization and Sustainment On Demand