National Harbor, MD

April 4-6, 2022


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The Navy SBIR/STTR Transition Program (Navy STP) is hosting a Navy Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (Navy FST) focused technology event booth at Sea-Air-Space 2022, the Navy League’s Global Maritime Exposition. We invite you to visit our booth (#537) at the event scheduled for 4-6 April at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, MD.

Navy FST focused technology events promote mature technologies from companies participating in the Navy STP, connecting these small businesses with government and industry personnel through Tech Talk presentations and Meet the Experts one-on-one meetings. Additionally, these companies have an enhanced online presence through the Navy STP small business technology showcase, the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). The VTM provides additional information on innovative Phase II Navy technologies developed by small businesses participating in the program.

Please find our technology guide for the event here.

Our Technologies

Navy STP Demo Day – 6 April, 2022
9:15 Mira Augmented/Virtual Reality Data Architecture
Methodology and Reference Platform
9:50 Boston Engineering OHIO Class External Hull Antifouling
10:25 CFD Research Development and Validation of a Computational Tool for
Missile Flight Through Rain
11:00 Intelligent Automation Training-Assessment-Feedback Loop to
Empower the Information Warfighter


Organization/Presentation Title
VTM Link
Topic #
Tech Talk Schedule

Advanced Electronics

Vision Engineering Solutions, LLC VTM AF191-D001 On Demand
Low Cost Laser Communication Ground Terminal Network

Air Platforms

Barron Associates, Inc. VTM N181-017 On Demand
Onboard Turbulence Recognition System for Improved UAS Operator Situational Awareness
Hydronalix, Inc VTM N201-X01 On Demand
3D Printed Manufacturing Robots for disaster response
Northwest UAV VTM N10A-T001 On Demand
Fuel Cell UAV Powerplant System Development
Oceanit Laboratories, Inc. VTM N16A-T008 On Demand
Novel Separator Materials for Achieving High Energy/Power Density, Safe, Long-Lasting Lithium-ion Batteries for Navy Aircraft Applications.
OptiNav, Inc. VTM N102-128 On Demand
Predictions of the Acoustic Nearfield on a Carrier Deck
Texas High Energy Materials, LLC VTM N151-008 On Demand
Innovative, Low Cost, Highly Durable Fuel Bladder for Naval Applications


Dynamic Dimension Technologies VTM N181-077 On Demand
Surf Zone Simulation for Autonomous Amphibious Vehicles
GMATEK, Inc. VTM N193-A02 On Demand
Multisensor Fusion and Analytics for Detection of Sensor Degradation
Service Robotics & Technologies, Inc. VTM N201-X02 On Demand
Adapting SR&T’s M1 Hardware Portal for Navy Facility Health Monitoring and Prioritization
Trident Systems Incorporated VTM N193-A02 On Demand
Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Autonomous Behavior Development

Battlespace Environments

Applied Ocean Sciences VTM N19A-T022 On Demand
Local Stochastic Prediction for UUV/USV Environmental Awareness

Biomedical (ASBREM)

Physical Sciences Inc. VTM N142-089 On Demand
Folding High-G Resistant Patient Litter Follow-On
Technology Holding, LLC VTM N182-096 On Demand
Portable Ruggedized Energy Efficient Medical Sterilizer for Field Use
Vivonics, Inc. VTM N171-002 On Demand
Phase II: Intranasal Cooling for Encephalopathy Prevention in Combat Casualties (ICEPICC)

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

ARiA VTM N19B-T035 On Demand
Universal Sensor Application Programming Interface (API) for Undersea Data
ASSETT, Incorporated VTM N093-192 On Demand
Real-time Decision Aid for Enhancing Ships Self-defense
Clear Science, Inc VTM N142-121 On Demand
The Advanced Climate Analysis and Forecasting System – Decision Support System
Knexus Research Corp. VTM N181-079 On Demand
Continuous Interactive Learners for Mission Planning (CILEMP)
Mosaic ATM, Inc. VTM N191-032 On Demand
Artificial Intelligence Real-Time Track Modeling and Simulation for Combat Systems
R-DEX Systems, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Validation of Artificial Intelligence Technologies (VAIT)
Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Business Operations Streamlining System (BOSS)
TeamWorx Security, LLC VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Improving Acquisition Processes through Machine Learning and Automation
Vulcan Wireless Inc. VTM N181-003 On Demand
USMC Ground Radio LPI/LPD Interference Mitigation Active Communication Antenna
Vy Corporation VTM N193-A02 On Demand
Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Autonomous Behavior Development


P&J Robinson Corporation VTM N18A-T018 On Demand
Protocol Feature Identification and Removal
Secmation, LLC VTM N191-037 On Demand
SecMUAS – Secure Modular Unmanned Aerial Systems

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Great Lakes Sound & Vibration, Inc. VTM N191-023 On Demand
Efficient 3-inch Acoustic Device Countermeasure (ADC) Depth Control System Technology

Engineered Resillent Systems (ERS)

Premier Solutions Hi, LLC VTM N182-122 On Demand
Fleet Material Locator Information System (FMLIS)

Ground and Sea Platforms

Materials Sciences LLC VTM N192-115 On Demand
Durable Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Screens for Air Cushion Vehicles – MSC P4579
Progeny Systems Corporation VTM N171-071 On Demand
Plug-and-play Analytical Framework for Distributed Structured and Unstructured Data Sets for Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+)

Human Systems

D’Angelo Technologies, LLC VTM N18A-T014 On Demand
Advanced Ship-handling Simulators
Intelligent Automation, Inc. VTM N193-A03-2 On Demand
Training-Assessment-Feedback Loop to Empower the Information Warfighter
Li Creative Technologies, Inc. (LCT) VTM N182-133 On Demand
Advanced Battlefield Communications System in Operations and Training

Materials & Manufacturing Processes

(ES3) Engineering & Software System Solution, Inc. VTM N201-X02 On Demand
HighRI Optics, Inc. VTM N171-045 On Demand
Hydrophobic and wide-angle anti-reflecting nanostructured coatings on hemispherical domes and windows; including high-refractive index surfaces
Intelligent Automation, Inc. VTM N18A-T013 On Demand
Rapid Identification of Effects of Defects within Metal Additive Manufacturing (RIED-AM)
Metis Design Corporation VTM N19A-T003 On Demand
Interlaminar Reinforcement of Composites via Tailored CNT Nanomorphologies
Mira Labs VTM AF191-005 On Demand
Augmented/Virtual Reality Data Architecture Methodology and Reference Platform
Pacific Engineering, Inc VTM N192-108 On Demand
Composite Structures for Missile Systems
Product Innovation and Engineering, LLC VTM N18A-T005 On Demand
Innovative Processing Techniques for Additive Manufacture of 7000 Series Aluminum Alloy Components
SciGenesis, LLC VTM N181-004 On Demand
Application of a Low-Cost, Flame-Resistant Treatment to the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform that Provides Durable, Flame-Resistant Properties
Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. VTM N19A-T011 On Demand
Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Deployed Underwater Attachment
Hybrid Ceramic Matrix Composite/Polymer Matrix Composite (CMC-PMC) Skin Materials

Modeling & Simulation Technology

Marine Acoustics, Inc. VTM N192-117 On Demand
Undersea Acoustic Risk Analysis Decision Aid for Theater Anti-Submarine Warfare (TASW) Mission Planning


Physical Sciences Inc. VTM AF08-T008 On Demand
Shallow Water and Surf Zone Minehunting (MAD SWARM)
Skyward, Ltd. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Integration of Automatic Dependent Surveillance
Technology Service Corporation VTM AF141-253 On Demand
LIFTS and ISR for Maritime Operations


Triton Systems, Inc. VTM N153-127 On Demand
Low Power Water Purification System