National Harbor, MD

April 3-5, 2023


The Navy SBIR Transition Program (Navy STP) is hosting a Navy Forum for STP Innovative Technology Showcase (Navy STP Showcase) booth at Sea-Air-Space 2023, the Navy League’s Global Maritime Exposition. We invite you to visit our booth (#537) at the event scheduled for 3-5 April at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

Navy STP Showcases promote mature technologies from companies participating in the Navy STP, connecting these small businesses with government and industry personnel through on-demand Tech Talk presentations and an enhanced online presence through the Navy STP Virtual Transition Marketplace (Navy STP VTM). The Navy STP VTM provides additional information on innovative Phase II Navy technologies developed by small businesses participating in the program.

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Our Technologies

Visit our showcase booth focusing on Navy STP cohort members with innovative technologies supporting Advanced Electronics, Air Platforms, Autonomy, Biomedical, C4I, Electronic Warfare, Energy & Power Technologies, Ground and Sea Platforms, Human Systems, Materials & Manufacturing Processes, Modeling and Simulation Technology, Sensors, Sustainment, Weapons Technologies.

Day 1

Firm Topic Title Tech Talk

Advanced Electronics

Novaa Ltd N201-029 Affordable Radar Antenna with Electronic Elevation Scan and Multiple Beams On Demand


Dynamic Dimension Technologies N181-077 Surf Zone Simulation for Autonomous Amphibious Vehicles On Demand
Hydronalix, Inc N102-182 Compact, lightweight Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with robust navigation and range for riverine reconnaissance On Demand
Overlab LLC N201-019 Spatial Data Comparison for Markerless Augmented Reality (AR) Anchoring On Demand
Signal Systems Corporation N202-091 Artificial Intelligence for Anti-Submarine Warfare Training On Demand

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

Caliola Engineering LLC N204-A04 Rapid Reconstitution of Communications and Compact Hardware Solutions On Demand
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated N161-004 Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risk Reduction   (MAIR) On Demand
Fuse Integration, Inc. N202-092 Small Space, Weight, and Power (SWaP) Multilevel Security Cross-Domain   Solution On Demand
Innoveering, LLC N192-135 Autonomous Flight Termination for Use in Submarine Launched Missile Applications On Demand
Physical Sciences Inc. N204-A04 Rapid Reconstitution of Communications and Compact Hardware Solutions On Demand
Scientific Systems Company, Inc N192-088 Collision Avoidance System for Operations in Dense Airspace Environment On Demand

Electronic Warfare

4S – Silversword Software and Services, LLC N202-104 Time and Phase Synchronization of Radio Frequency (RF) Sources across   Multiple Unmanned Aerial System/Vehicle (UAS/UAV) Platforms On Demand
GIRD Systems, Inc. N192-078 Network Retention During Jamming Mission On Demand
SimVentions, Inc. N191-018 Automated Event Logging for Improved Electronic Warfare Operations On Demand


Boston Engineering Corporation N09-T001 Automous Launch, Recovery and Turn-Around Systems for Small UAVs On Demand
Extreme Sonar LLC N191-038 Through-the-Hull Data Transfer TBA
Ipsolon Research, Inc. N193-139 Low Power, Portable (Podable) Rapid Processing of High Sample-Rate   In-Phase Quadrature (IQ) Data N/A
McQ Inc. N201-078 Small-scale Health Monitoring Device for In-tube Environment Monitoring TBA
Nanohmics, Inc N201-014 Compact Long-Wave Infrared Hyperspectral Imager with Monolithically Integrated Tunable Optical Filter On Demand
Scientific Systems Company, Inc N111-025 Collision Avoidance Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty On Demand
Spectral Energies, LLC AF17A-T002 Sensors for High Pressure and Temperature Hypersonic Testing Facilities On Demand
Tercero Technologies LLC N192-048 Automatic Track Generation Micro Preprocessor for Dismounted Electronic Warfare On Demand
VRTUL Inc N192-099 3D Visualization Capability for Fleet Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) On Demand

Weapons Technologies

Harkind Dynamics, LLC N183-140 Small Arms Long-Range Human Electro-Muscular Incapacitation (HEMI) Munition On Demand


Day 2

Firm Topic Title Tech Talk

Air Platforms

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. N171-027 Innovative Approach to Full Scale Fatigue   Testing using Hybrid Methodologies TBA
Exo-Atmospheric Technologies, LLC N202-129 Nosetip Ablation Sensor and Telemetry Interface Unit for Hypersonic   Vehicle Thermal Protection Systems TBA
Global Strategic Solutions LLC A16-090 Flexible Integrated Intelligent Network (FIIN) for Prognostics Health   Management (PHM) Systems On Demand
Hydronalix, Inc N201-X01 ADAPT – Advanced, Agile Manufacturing of Limited-Production Swarming   Unmanned Systems (UxS) to Support Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Operations On Demand
Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. N201-021 Cargo Handling Software for Navy and Marine Aircraft On Demand


Consensus Networks N204-A02 Digital Logistics On Demand

Energy & Power Technologies

Carver Scientific, Inc. N192-133 Advanced Non-Electrochemical Energy Storage On Demand
MaxPower, Inc. N08-143 Long Endurance, High Power Battery TBA

Ground & Sea Platforms

Hydronalix, Inc NSF16-600 Small Business Technology Transfer Program Phase I (STTR) –   December 2016 Submission On Demand
Luna Labs USA, LLC N181-001 Advanced Sealant for Next-Generation Transparent Armor Service Life On Demand

Human Systems

NanoSonic, Inc. N202-130 Cold-water Diving Wetsuit On Demand

Materials & Manufacturing Processes

American Maglev Technology of Florida, Inc. N192-100 Passive Cooling for Aircraft Carrier Jet Blast Deflectors (JBD) On Demand
Deployable Systems Manufacturability N204-A03 Rapidly Reconfigurable UUVs On Demand
Hydronalix, Inc N20A-T006 High Efficiency Propeller for Small Unmanned X Systems (UxS) On Demand
IRflex Corporation N19B-T028 Additive Manufacturing of Inorganic Transparent Materials for Advanced Optics On Demand
MELD Manufacturing Corporation NASAH5.02 Integration of Evaluation of MELD On Demand
OptiPro Systems LLC N192-055 Long-Wave Infrared (IR) Window/Dome Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) Reduction On Demand
Supply Dynamics, LLC N204-A02 Digital Logistics On Demand
United Protective Technologies, LLC N192-057 Advanced Alternative Gun Lubricant On Demand

Modeling and Simulation Technology

Arete Associates N20A-T014 Machine Learning for Simulation Environments TBA
Sonalysts, Inc. N192-094 Multiplayer Serious Game for Anti-Submarine Warfare Sonar Operator   Training TBA


Creare LLC AF131-120 Hand-Held Fastener Surface Measurement On Demand
Dignitas Technologies, LLC N202-106 Alternative Software Architecture for Personal Electronic Maintenance Aids On Demand
Sarcos Group LC (dba Sarcos LC) NASA-91.1 Space-Suit Glove Tester On Demand