WEST 2022

San Diego, CA

February 16-18, 2022


The Department of Navy SBIR/STTR Transition Program (Navy STP) is hosting a Navy Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (Navy FST) focused technology booth at West 2022, the premier Naval conference and exposition on the West Coast. We invite you to visit our booth (#1709) at the event scheduled for 16-18 February in San Diego.

Navy FST focused technology events promote mature technologies from companies participating in the Navy STP, connecting these small businesses with government and industry personnel through Tech Talk presentations and Meet the Experts one-on-one meetings. Additionally, these companies have an enhanced online presence through the Navy STP small business technology showcase, the Virtual Transition Marketplace (VTM). The VTM provides additional information on innovative Phase II Navy technologies developed by small businesses participating in the program.

To register and learn more about West 2022, visit https://www.westconference.org/West22.

You may also view our technology guide here.

Our Technologies

This event focuses on mature Department of Navy SBIR/STTR technologies that are ready for transition, advancing maritime systems and warfighting capabilities in the following areas: Air Platforms; Autonomy; C4I; Cyber; Electronic Warfare; Energy & Power Technologies; Ground and Sea Platforms; Human Systems; Sensors; Space; and Sustainment.



Organization/Presentation Title
VTM Link
Topic #
Tech Talk Schedule

Air Platforms

Materials Research & Design VTM N191-043 On Demand
Analytical Design of Surface Porosity in 2D C/C to Delay Boundary Layer Transition for Hypersonic Aeroshell Applications
SA Photonics, Inc. VTM N181-027 On Demand
AgileBeam RF Denied Free-Space Optical Communication System
SA Photonics, Inc. VTM N182-132 On Demand
EagleEye Multi-Aperture Airborne FSO Communication System
Texas High Energy Materials, LLC VTM N181-019 On Demand
Innovative Material (and Application Method) for a Hydrophobic/Oleophobic Coating to an Aluminum-Bodied Heat Exchanger TxHiEnergy


Quantum Ventura Inc VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Certificate of Robustness and Safety for AI (CORSI)
The Innovation Laboratory, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Aircraft Intent Inference based on Real-Time ADS-B Data Processing

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

Adaptive Dynamics, Inc VTM NOAA161-844D On Demand
RF IM Filter
Carley Technologies, Inc. VTM N192-129 On Demand
Detecting Adversarial BENDs in the Information Environment
CesiumAstro, Inc. VTM N181-090 On Demand
Rapidly Integrated Tactical Communications Payload
Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated VTM N192-093 On Demand
Theater Anti-Submarine Warfare (TASW) Multi-Objective Threat Prioritization (TMTP)
Holochip Corporation VTM N171-076 On Demand
A Holographic and Light-field Processor for Extreme Multi-View Displays
Intelligent Automation, Inc. VTM N181-089 On Demand
LAKE: Large-Scale DAta Storage for Knowledge DiscovEry
Jove Sciences, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
Machine Learning (ML) to Develop Capabilities to Track AIS Ships Worldwide and Detect Anomalous Behavior to Impact Mission Success
Perceptronics Solutions, Inc. VTM N192-131 On Demand
Persistent AI based Threat Detection (PAIT)
Virtualitics VTM N193-A03-3 On Demand
Data Enabled Photogrammetry


Redwall Technologies LLC VTM N172-105 On Demand
Data Integrity and Confidentiality Resilient Operating System Environment for Multi-Level Security

Electronic Warfare

Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc VTM N182-138 On Demand
A Metadata Management and Visualization System for Radio Frequency Activity Modeling and Pattern Recognition

Energy & Power Technologies

Continuous Solutions LLC VTM N19A-T007 On Demand
Power-Dense Electrical Rotating Machines for Propulsion and Power Generation
Luna Innovations Incorporated VTM N161-047 On Demand
Universal Non-Intrusive Battery Monitoring and Failure Prediction System

Ground and Sea Platforms

Boston Engineering Corporation VTM N191-024 On Demand
CONEXUS: Comms and Operation Node for Expeditionary Underwater Systems

Human Systems

Learntowin, Inc VTM AF192-D001 On Demand
Mobile Training Content Delivery Platform

Modeling & Simulation Technology

Cascade Technologies Incorporated VTM N14A-T005 On Demand
Software Developments for Large-eddy Simulations On GPU-accelerated Systems
Tagup, Inc. VTM N193-A01 On Demand
LAV25 Logistics Optimization using Machine Learning
Xiphos Partners, LLC VTM N193-A03-3 On Demand
Xiphos CallforFire Gaming Simulation NAVY TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATION – Advanced Technologies (including AR/VR) for Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education


Hood Technology Corporation VTM SB052-028 On Demand
Development of DSTS; a Digital Static Tracking System
SA Photonics, Inc. VTM N181-022 On Demand
Laser Periscope Detection
SA Photonics, Inc. VTM N18A-T021 On Demand
Triton: Active Imaging through Fog


SA Photonics, Inc. VTM N122-146 On Demand
SkyLight Free-Space Optical Terminal for Cubesats


Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co. Inc. VTM N181-021 On Demand
Enhanced Clamp Cushion