WEST 2023

San Diego, CA

February 14-16, 2023


The Navy SBIR/STTR Transition Program (Navy STP) is hosting a Navy STP Innovative Technology Showcase (Navy STP Showcase) booth at West 2023, the premier Naval conference and exposition on the West Coast. We invite you to visit our booth (#1709) at the event scheduled for 14-16 February in San Diego.

Navy STP Showcases promote mature technologies from companies participating in the Navy STP, connecting these small businesses with government and industry personnel through on-demand Tech Talk presentations. Additionally, these companies have an enhanced online presence through the Navy STP Virtual Transition Marketplace (Navy STP VTM). The Navy STP VTM provides additional information on innovative Phase II Navy technologies developed by small businesses participating in the program.

To register and learn more about West 2023, visit https://www.westconference.org.

Our Technologies

Visit our showcase booth focusing on Navy STP cohort members with innovative technologies supporting Advanced Electronics, Autonomy, Battlespace Environments, C4I, Electronic Warfare, Ground and Sea Platforms, Human Systems, Materials & Manufacturing Processes, Sensors, Sustainment, and Weapons Technologies.


Day 1

Firm Topic Title Tech Talk

Advanced Electronics

IERUS Technologies, Inc. N201-079 Extremely Accurate Star Tracker On Demand
MaXentric Technologies LLC N192-090 Modern Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) Algorithms for Tactical Data Links On Demand
Ryalinks LLC N204-A02 Digital Logistics – AI Enabled Sensor Logistics Network (AIESLN). On Demand


Machina Cognita Technologies, Inc N201-077 Machine Clustered and Labeled Decision Tracks Derived from AI-enabled Intent Recognition On Demand

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I)

Calabazas Creek Research, Inc. N20A-T015 Compact and Efficient Magnetron Source for Continuous Wave Microwave Power Generation On Demand
Innovative Defense Technologies N191-020 Target Identification Interrogation Data Stream Analytics System On Demand
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. N192-109 Undersea Sensor Network Performance Modeling and Cost Tool On Demand
Mayachitra, Inc. N20A-T007 Cross Platform Reinforcement and Transfer Learning for Periscope Imagery On Demand
McCormick Stevenson Corp. N192-102 Blind Mating Connection for 19-inch Electronic Industries Alliance Racks in AEGIS Computing Infrastructure On Demand
Physical Sciences Inc. N141-053 Compact High Speed Signal Processor On Demand

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Metamagnetics, Inc. N192-078 Network Retention During Jamming Mission On Demand

Human Systems

BANC3, Inc N201-024 Augmented Reality Headset for Maintainers On Demand
Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. N202-098 Voice Recognition to Support Assessment of Cross Platform Situational   Awareness and Decision Making On Demand


Day 2

Firm Topic Title Tech Talk

Battlespace Environments

WindBorne Systems Inc. AF193-CSO1 Open Call for Innovative Defense-Related Dual-Purpose Technologies/Solutions with a Clear Air Force Stakeholder Need TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Materials/Processes TBA

Ground and Sea Platforms

Altron, Inc. N19A-T012 Unified Logging Architecture for Performance and Cybersecurity Monitoring On Demand
Caliola Engineering LLC N193-149 Satellite Communications Antenna Pointing for Positioning (SCAPP) On Demand
Colorado Engineering Inc. N141-053 Compact High Speed Signal Processor On Demand
Spectral Energies, LLC N20A-T020 Non-intrusive Diagnostics to Quantify Interactions between High-speed   Flows and Hydrometeors On Demand
Trident Systems Incorporated N192-103 Field Serviceable Non-Acoustic Data Logging Sensor Module for Towed Arrays On Demand

Materials & Manufacturing Processes

Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. N192-084 Room Temperature Shelf-Life Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber Fabric for use   in Out-of-Autoclave Aircraft Repair TBA
Inovati N07-122 Method and Device for In-Service Repair of Magnesium, Aluminum and High-Strength Steel On Demand


Applied NanoFemto Technologies LLC N20A-T012 Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Resilient, Low Noise Figure, Wide   Dynamic Range of Radio Frequency to Photonic (RF Photonic) Link On Demand
Hedgefog Research Inc N193-147 Multi-Band Laser Source for Atom Interferometry On Demand
Physical Sciences Inc. MDA14-001 Secure and Survivable Electronics and Software On Demand
Voss Scientific, LLC N181-075 Navy-Electronic Battle Damage Indicator (eBDI) Tool for Non-Kinetic High-Power Radio-Frequency (RF) Engagements On Demand


Colvin Run Networks, Inc. N204-A02 Digital Logistics On Demand

Weapons Technologies

Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories LLC N201-048 MK 48 Torpedo Composite Fuel Tank On Demand